Are you looking for a gate? We work with a Belgian manufacturer, who produces your customised gate. We install your gate and automate the gate if desired.

To obtain an offer from us, you can send us an e-mail. For an adequate quote, we need to know the measurements (width and hight) and the desired type of panels.

There are 4 types of gates:

1. Single swing gate: the gate swings open on one side.

2. Double swing gate: the gates opens rotating both the left and right side. Right and left side can be symmetric or asymmetric.

3. Sliding gate with rail: the gate will slide sideways over a rail installed in the concrete under the gate.

4. Sliding gate free carrying: no rail is required here. The gate will have a larger length in comparison to the desired free driveway to keep the balance of the gate.

We also need to now the desired look of the gate. Below you can find some pictures of our projects with the name of the model of the gate:
You can find more models on the site of the manufacturer: